All entrepreneurs have a goal: to grow their business.

Therefore, they must make accurate decisions that allow them to pass from the stage of survival to success and finally place them in a stage of maturity of the business.

Decision making is one of the most complex tasks because of the consequences they have in the future.

That said, we’ve enlisted for you the 3 decisions that every entrepreneur should take along their way to achieve growth and maturity:

Choose the work team:

It is essential to think about the talent that will surround you in this adventure, because it must necessarily be people who share your ideals and who have clear objectives of the business.

It is necessary that once you have decided to hire staff all share and know what is the goal and the plan that will take them to achieve it.

The foundership:

Whenever entrepreneurs reach the period of success in which they begin to think about the expansion and maturity of their business.

Therefore, they need formal sources of financing that can provide them with solidity and the necessary resources with which they can aim for their growth.

To determine the route you are going to take, it is essential that before any decision you have determined a financial plan that will help you to know the payment schedules, the collections, the dates on which you have income, and so on.

How to grow:

Making the decision on how to expand your business is perhaps one of the decisions that cost you the most work to decide.

You have to consider a few factors:

  • The internationalization of the company
  • Convert the business model into a franchise
  • Open own branches
  • By creating new products or services
  • Through the merger of the business with another

You have to consider all those things and hope for your business to start growing.

The 3 major decisions that the every good entrepreneur has to take.

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