Today it is usual to listen everywhere and more often, people talking about IoT. So, what are they really talking about?.

IoT stands for The Internet of Things and it is a quite abstract concept, based on the interconnection of any device with others around it, through the internet, allowing remote operation.

This is not entirely new, it has been going on for over 30 years now, and probably becoming part of everydayness without noticing. It ancestor was closed circuit and sensor connected devices.

Remote Operation

Perhaps to millennials, it´s something logic, normal even essential in their everyday life, but not always was this way. Today you can order milk or juice from your refrigerator -if it is online of course- and pay for it without leaving your kitchen. There are many examples of it, in every case the highlight, it is the interconnection between devices and others around it, allowing operation and programming from home alarm systems to kitchen appliances, for example, you can:

  • Turn on your home a/c system and establish the right temperature while driving back from the office.
  • Turn on the lights of your living room and play your favorite song, so when you get home with your girlfriend the romantic atmosphere it is already set.


The list of thing you can do with it goes on; the wearables are all around us, smartphones, watches, glasses, clothe, rings and so much more. If you think about it, it is overwhelming the kind of things we let our devices do for us these days, practically running an important part of our life, which now seems like a 1960´s Sci-Fi movie.

Of all technology developing right now, this seems like one of those that it is going to get relevance in 2018, according to most of the devices presented at CES 2017.

Remote Operation and Interconnection, IoT´s Prime Directives

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