First: Purge Apps From Memory

“The most common problem for an iPad running slow is being low on memory or having too many apps running in the background”.

This is something that constantly happened to my iPad while I was using it. I didn’t know at first that it would make it run slow if I didn’t properly close apps. Once I deleted all the annoying apps that kept running my iPad became a lot faster than before. However, if your iPad is still slow, go to the next step.


Reboot Your iPad

Another simple and easy trick is to simply reboot your iPad. This has saved me multiple times whenever I’m using my iPad and it begins to act all slowpoke. This trick not only works with an iPad but it actually works with all types of devices too!

To reboot your iPad, hold down the sleep/wake button until instructions appear telling you to slide a button to power off the iPad. Wait about 10 seconds and hold down again the sleep/awake button until you see the apple logo. Once it turns on you’ll notice an improvement on your iPad’s speed.


Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Even after rebooting my iPad and closing all apps running in the background, my iPad would still be slow. I got frustrated as I couldn’t understand why it was still slow. It was thanks to my friend that I realized the slowness of my connection. She would tell me how my internet is so slow that it could be the reason why my iPad is also slow.


Make Sure You Are Running the Current Version of iOS

Always keep your devices up to date. New updates even give better security to your device. To check if you can update your IOS go to settings and click on software update. If nothing appears then you are up to date. If an update does appear then download it from your device or via your PC.


Clear Storage Space

Clearing up storage goes a long way. Deleting games or apps that you no longer use will enable you to have a bit more space on your iPad.

Practical Ways to Fix a Slow IPad I Wish I knew Before

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