The dollar gains value against its main peers

This assertion follows from the publication of a memorandum of the FED that shows optimism in the face of the growth of the US economy, which has caused an increase in demand for the dollar.

How is this explained? Very simple. Faced with an economy marked by speculation in its capital markets and a production dependent on imports, which are seriously compromised by the trade dispute with China, the United States has opted to resort, again, to the reactivation of the apparatus of the war industry to generate economic growth.

As has been demonstrated over the years, the best business for the US economy is the war.

Wars inject millions of dollars into the US domestic market and externally facilitates the looting of the invaded countries, either by confiscation or because of the spoils of war.

Coincidentally, prior to the wars most of the contemporary sworn enemies of the United States, have opposed strong resistance to trade under disadvantageous conditions for them with the United States, as is the case of Syria.

2 Another conflict in the Middle East would rebound oil prices to a maximum not seen in three years.

Even though many might think that the war in Syria could affect the domestic market for gasoline in the United States, which is true, it is a proven fact that Donald Trump does not care about the impact that the increase in fuel prices would have on the American population.

The only interest that moves the military campaigns of the United States are the profits that the North American corporations would obtain from this war.

In this case, the most benefited will be on the one hand the companies related to the defense department and on the other hand, the oil companies of the United States would benefit from the increase in the price of oil obtained with the war.

Coupled with the above, there is an additional benefit in the war against Syria, and that the blame for the increase in fuels would not fall directly on the American companies but on the world markets, which are already reacting to the war. As always, it is a plot of American double standards we are already used to.

How to understand the war in Syria, economically speaking

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