1 Have plenty of water reserves.

Even though one of the main affections left by hurricanes is the suspension of the have to do with the suspension of running water service, there is still an important number of people facing the hurricane season without a safe water reserve, leaving their luck to chance.

Don´t ever make the mistake of demeaning the destructive force of a hurricane, although its arrival is foreseeable its impact on the environment and communities may be surprising.

It is a fact that the human body can spend three weeks without food; nonetheless, average survival time without ingesting water is between three and five days, nothing more.

2 Guarantee a safe supply of light and energy

Another sure casualty after a hurricane passing is the light and power service, and the reason is obvious.

Smart people think ahead, don´t wait until your whole neighborhood it is out of power to think about getting a small power plant, batteries or candles.

Unfortunately, modern society tends to forget how things can be done without electricity.

Most of all our home appliances are electrical and to some people, a day without a microwave or a TV can be disastrous.

It is important to know the basics of survival, but a secure supply of electric power or a flashlight at the right time, and even a candle can make the difference between a safe environment and a calamity.

3 Remember to check your window covers

It is very usual to see the passage of a hurricane, a huge number of houses with shattered windows and one cannot help but wonder why didn’t owner protected their windows?

Sometimes, windows can be the port of entry of the damage caused to your house during a hurricane. The water floods your living room, destroys your carpets, and allows the entry of animals and other bugs, so why not use window coverings?

The statistics show that in most cases people didn´t realize they didn´t have window coverings until the day of the hurricane when they would have run out in stores, so why wait until then, go now and don´t become one of those statistics.

4 Make sure your insurance policy is up to date.

Every year we see thousands of houses wrecked by hurricanes and people crying in the news asking for some kind of relief and can´t help wonder the same, why weren´t they insured?.

In the United States, the most affected areas are the Gulf of Mexico (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and the west coast of Florida) and the Atlantic states, mainly Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. In addition, of course, the Caribbean, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

In these areas, mobile homes predominate, so it would be very wise for the owners of these properties to consult serious and affordable mobile home insurance companies to guarantee a smooth reconstruction, allowing a faster recovery to return to the usual activities in no time.

Don´t wait any longer, start planning today. Keep safe.

How to overcome the hurricane season bravely

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