Are you young, ambitious and want to be a millionaire?
Or maybe you are ready to start the business you have dreamed of, but you are afraid of the financial risks involved and you are not sure if you should abandon the advantages of a corporate job.
The most important question you should ask yourself is “What are you willing to sacrifice to create the life you really want?”

1. Stay present

When I was starting my business, I spent hours learning how to optimize my LinkedIn profile.
I realized that it is an incredibly valuable and unappreciated social network.
Do “old-fashioned” networking, face to face, but do not give up online presence. Remember that the most important thing is to create real relationships instead of trying to outdo your competition.
Remember, the first thing is to achieve the mission of your company.

Later you can spend.

2. Invest in you

If you are going to inject capital into something when you start a business, make sure it is in yourself.
Hire a coach, take classes online with the people you admire, take a diploma. Find ways to develop the skills you need to succeed.
3. Take care of your health

Most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of focusing too much on our business and ignore physical health.
Fighting for our dreams gives emotional power, but it can cause you to lose the rhythm of your health.
How long have you not moved your body beyond the desk? Richard Branson says that his energy is due to exercising daily (in fact, he considers it his secret weapon).

4. Make contacts

A secret of success: you have to become INVALUABLE among your business contacts. Make sure you are the person who has the answers and recommendations of people for all.
Create your own networking network through social networks.

5. Be yourself

Be authentic because in this way you will stand out from the rest of the people. Do you want to excel in a competitive environment? Follow your heart.

6. Do not give up

Never give up your dream. Starting a business of your own requires leaving everything you have.
Each failure must be seen as a learning process and when you accept it, it is easier to handle. We all fail. Repeatedly. And we must all stand up as many times as necessary to achieve our dreams.

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