The internet was invented for money reasons, not only for people to share memes and political opinions.

Today’s economy is all about the fact thay the salary aren’t enough for good living. People are currently earning lesss and less compared to life standards. The rents are growing and all the costas are up.

If you’re looking to earn a little extra money then you’ve come to the right place.

Worries that you work full time? Don’t be. You can do it on your free time at home.

It is known that you can make a living with only your computer and/or your phone.

An uproar on the Internet is not as easy or glamorous as would be believed by influential people in social networks, but it is possible. Thousands around the world are doing it. And you do not need to be a computer genius. You just need focus, a plan and a lot of dedication and patience.

Here are the way you can make money online:

1) Drop-shipping

Involves selling something you never physically touch.

2) Made by Amazon (FBA)

Through the Amazon monster known as FBA, or Fulfilled By Amazon.

This allows your physical products to be sold in this whole store, and opens the potential for some serious gains.

3) Virtual assitant

If you’re focused  you are an entrepreneur, you can become a virtual assistant.

Your assignments there will be remarkably similar to those of a personal assistant, but oriented to online duties.

4) Consulting

If you are more of a ​​business strategiest, then you might consider becoming a consultant.

you could train employees to do something new or better than what they are doing now!

5) Drafting

You could also write advertising texts.

Many people don’t know how to do it but if you’re good with redactions and have enought creativity then it won’t be too challenging for you.

The above list is not exhaustive. It’s just a quick view of what’s out there for you!

5 easy ways to make extra money from the internet that you might’ve never heard of.

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