If you’re one of the android lovers but hate having to connect your phone with cables to have access to the information saved in your phone, then this is the article just for you.

Cables are a thing from the past with these new inventions!

Working with different devices on a daily basis is cool but each one of them has different characteristics and each one of them is best in different types of tasks. So it becomes kind of necessary the use of all of them.

We’ve always had the problem of having different information in different electronic devices but it’s been kind of difficult to have all the information in just one of them so we can use it completely due to the fact that sometimes these devices aren’t really compatible and they cannot exchange information between each other.

Luckly there’s a solution for this trouble that allows us to save information from one device to another as well as on the PC.

You can easily manage your information on all of your devices from the distance, from your PC.

Even though there are apps like AirDroid or AirMore that allows you to share information between your devices, but they can’t be managed by the browser, here are 4 apps that can actually do that!

Easy Join

It’s available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux and it allows you to link your Android devices to a computres so you can manage files as well as send messages without even touching your smartphone!


Samsung has made this app and it works for Windows and Mac where you can sync all your information from your smartphone Android.

It can show your phone’s screen!


This app connects with your Android devices but only allows you to have access of your contacts and send messages to them. It can also send information like links, maps, photos, etc.


It’s compatible with Android and iOS and it’s available for your PC whether it’s a Windows or a Mac PC.

You can extract all your information such as photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, even calls! I can also save all your information in case of an eventuality.

4 apps that control your Android from your PC.

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