Every time a new technology appears at the scene, there is certain skepticism on the sphere of influence of such technology regarding jobs and the impact on it.

Although autonomous vehicles´ technology it is not yet a “done deal” in the eyes of government regulations, it is fair to wonder, how could this technology affect employment in the cab driving industry? In

addition, what is going to be of the lives of those millions of people actually making a living out of driving?

Here we present three aspects to take into consideration to address this issue.

1 Employment

The Self-driving technology, it is considerate an “employ destroyer” to the cab industry and the reason it is obvious. On a bright side, it would be an opportunity to those making a living on cab driving or any driving related jobs, to turn to jobs related to this technology.

How so? Quite simple, every man-made machine needs a human been to take care of maintenance and parts replacement, so actually, it is more like an opportunity.

Nevertheless, there may be an important amount of people unwilling to embrace such a change, so to them, there is clearly trouble on the way and it would be wise to study the possible effects of this technology on the lives of the driving industry people.

2 Regulations

Around the world, we can identify three main sources of technology to the automobile industry: The United States of America, Europe, and Japan.

In the United States, legislators have been working on directives to rule this technology, but so far, only on four of the fifty states of the union this technology, it is legal. Likewise, at least 12 states established restrictions to autonomous driving vehicles.

In Europe, the European Union have been working on a common rule, but right now, a few countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Spain) allow autonomous driving vehicles on certain roads with testing purposes only.

In Japan, things are not different from Europe. Autonomous vehicles are allowed on roads and highways only for testing purposes. Summarizing, it is not clear yet the right terms on how is this matter going to be treated by developed countries.

3 Impact to the economy

At least in black and white, autonomous driving technology, it might reduce the costs associated with the cab industry. Not only because of the exclusion of the driver salary of the equation but the curtailment of “human error” as one of the main causes of accidents, which could create an impact in the drop of the taxi fare and a saving effect on users of the service.

If this should happen, society would experience a significant change in people´s everyday economy. However, not all aspects related to this issue are going to be positive, since the industry is pointing to put aside drivers, so it is yet to be seen the real impact of it in the future economy.

Finally, as all new technologies, it is going to take some time to readjust not only the economy but also human behavior, never leaving aside the fact that mobility habits have been changing for centuries and regarding automobiles industry, for over two hundred years now. Therefore, we may still have to wait sometime before realizing what future has to offer on this subject.

3 aspects to consider in the face of the self-driving car technology

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